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Challenge Winner Steven Martinez

We want to give a Huge shoutout to our Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge 2nd place winner Steven Martinez @army_522 on all of his hard work and amazing transformation!

This is his story 👇
“I use to be into bodybuilding when I was younger, in my teens. I then switched to powerlifting. I felt better lifting heavy and less weight cutting. I kept it up until I left the service. I guess things just started getting in " my way".

I worked in security, so I was still working out on occasion. Then things just stopped. I stopped lifting. I was getting out of shape. I still saw the old me when I looked in the mirror, I didn't see what was happening to me. Cut to 2016, I started having problems with my knee. I found out I had osteoarthritis and no cartilage in my knee . I started wearing a brace and using a cane to walk. In 2018 I started to feel pain in my arms and legs. I was then diagnosed a month later with diabetes.

I really needed to change my life again. I joined a couple gyms and wanted to start my weight loss. I was going 2 times a week , but wasn't really committed. My sister saw the challenge and talked me.into it . She kept saying " You will win !" I didn't believe her, but I started going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I used the 1upnutrion iso-protein,  vanilla ice cream flavor. I also used the keto carnitene drink.  Both products helped in getting those stubborn pounds down.

I started to see dramatic changes in my body. Then I had another doctor's appointment . I was shocked to hear my blood sugar a1c went from a 8.9 to a 5.3 . I was out of the diabetes stage my life has changed so much. I have a renewed energy. Things are so much easier. I am sleeping better. I am now using pure rebuild and BCAA's with glutamine and joint support. Trying to keep my other joints healthy.

1up nutrition has given me a platform to keep going and helped me get my life back. The nutrition plans and workouts are amazing. All the support from everyone involved is incredible. No other company does this. Thank you for giving me my life back. I am forever grateful.



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