Pro Ripped MAX

Pro Ripped MAX

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Maximum Strength Weight Loss Solution


  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Promotes Energy
  • Promotes Mood and Focus
  • Promotes Appetite Control


3 Types of Caffeine for ultimate time release energy and Fat Thermogenesis


Caffeine Complex (Caffeine Anhydrous) 150 mg

Infinergy (Dicaffeine Melate) 50 mg

Caffeine Citrate 50 mg


Eria Jarensis Extract - Eria Jarensis has a whole host of important functions that are crucial for bodybuilding and training. Heps with focus, mood and will help reduce appetite, act as bronchodilators and decrease anxiety.


White Willow Bark Extract 25% Salicin – A herbal extract White Willow Bark helps accelerate the body's ability to burn fat by thinning the blood which extends the effectiveness of other thermogenic ingredients which helps increase the amount of fat burned.


Theobromine - Found in chocolate theobromine acts as vasodilator, which means it widens blood vessels. It allows blood vessels to carry more oxygen to your muscles and other various body parts, as well as carting off lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Also like caffeine, theobromine can help pick you up, and keep you more alert and awake. Its effects occur in a similar manner to caffeine.


L-Theanine - is a supplement found naturally in tea leaves. It is also an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress, promote health, increase focus, and reduce anxiety


N Acetyl Tyrosine: more bioavailable then tyrosine with a higher absorption rate. This leads to a lower dosage to receive the benefits of L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid required for the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenal hormones) as well as dopamine.


Higenamine HC1 - Higenamine is an all-natural, effective, and most importantly, safe ingredient you’ll be glad was part of your thermogenic agent. You’ll notice increased energy, better breathing, and greater endurance when it’s contained in your product of choice.


N Methyl- tyramine HC1- Tyramine has been used in fat loss/energy products in the past because of its ability to slow the rate monoamine oxidase (enzymes that metabolize adrenal hormones). It’s methylated counterpart promotes superior adrenal effects.


Lean BB- Gamma-butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester is a formulated compound discovered to elevate conversion Eedogenously and enhance the body’s natural production of L-carnitine.


Paradoxine® - Promotes Fat Thermogenesis


Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract 90% Rauwolscine -This ingredient helps stop the growth of fat cells and helps reduce visceral fat aka stubborn fat. It also relaxes and widens the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood flow to muscles during your workouts





      As a dietary supplement, take 4 (4) capsule daily. Take two (2) capsule before the first meal of the day and two (2) capsules six (6) hours later. Must only be taken orally.