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Male transformation Michael Charlton

We want to congratulate and give a huge shoutout to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Michael Charlton @mike1984c on a fantastic transformation!

This is his story 👇
“ Like most, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between work, family life and general day to day business, it becomes a juggling or balancing act. One of the hardest things about my journey has to be maintaining the diet and maintaining the training (finding time), I work away from home so I don’t always have the best gym facilities or diet options available. Having gained a heap of weight since I stoped playing rugby, I managed to get my weight back down in 2018 but due to working away, the training and diet wasn’t on my list of priorities and weight gradually went back up.

The 1UP Transformation Challenge was a chance to try and prove to myself that I can do it and it was the determination I needed to train hard for 8 weeks. It wasn’t easy, it was hard work, I needed to make the time and maintain a balance diet which at times was extremely difficult for me.

I think my biggest tip would be that once you start, keep going. Take weekly measurements and progress photos, this will help you track your progress. Weight is irrelevant, if you’re losing fat and building muscle, you can be smaller but weigh more, it can definitely be demotivating but don’t focus on the number on the scale.
Have a plan, doesn’t matter what plan it is,  you need to set small goals for yourself and tackle each one. Sometimes I felt like I did not want to be bothered, motivation wasn’t there, but just make it happen! Put your tunes on and get going. I often found that these were some of the best sessions I had.”




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