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Male Transformation - Jules Borrero

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Years 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 3rd place $4,000 cash prize winner Jules Borrero @julesfit1up

This is his story

A few years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would be in the best shape of my life the day I turned 50. Unfortunately, my 50th birthday coincided with the chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making my goal extremely difficult to achieve due to gym closures, stress, family, health concerns, work, etc. To make things more challenging, by the end of 2020 I was suffering from anxiety and in really bad shape, the opposite of what I had actually aspired, and at times wondering if perhaps my best days were behind me.

The first day of 2021, out of shape and disappointed that I hadn’t kept my promise, I decided to look forward rather than back, and I made another promise to myself, this one that I would get into the best shape of my life before I turned 51 in September. But I needed motivation and accountability, as well as fuel for the fire I would need to remain committed to my goal. That’s when I joined the 1UP 8Transformation challenge.

I won’t say that it was easy from day one, because in reality it was hard to stick to a clean diet. When I suffer from anxiety, I tend to gravitate to foods and drinks that are not good for me, but I kept reminding myself of my goal. After a few weeks of clean eating and a strict fitness routine, I started to see positive changes in my physical health and began to feel better overall: stronger, mentally focused, less anxious and better able to manage the stressors I’d been faced with since the start of the pandemic.

I learned that a strong, fit body is so much more than chiseled biceps or a six pack; a fit body represents commitment, dedication and perseverance, core values that are applicable in all areas of my life, not just fitness.

Overall, I loved the challenge experience and believe it to be a great way for anyone who needs structure, accountability, motivation and encouragement, all of the things that come with joining the challenge. Thank you 1UP for such incredible opportunity and for everything you do for the 1UP community.  I will be sure to join the next challenge, I’m not done yet, a promise is a promise.


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