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Male Transformation - Corwin Christman

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Years 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Corwin Christman @elkanah90 


This is his story


“My wife and I were on the road driving to our vacation when she showed me the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge for the first time and she said let’s do this... I was not too sure at first if I was willing to commit but after a few days I told her I was on board. As soon as I committed to the process I knew my life would never be the same. I have always wanted to get shredded but needed that push to make it happen. I’m 30 years old and the biggest motivation for me to stay healthy has always been my family. I really enjoyed this challenge and think it is truly an amazing way to stay consistent and motivated for a body transformation process. During the challenges the FB group really helped motivate and keep me on track... the nutrition, supplements and training guides provided by 1up nutrition were absolutely amazing. One thing I learned along the way was consistency is key if you want to reach any goal but especially with making lifestyle changes. My biggest take away and best advice I can give to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change is to start wherever you are and not to despise small beginnings. Everyone has to start somewhere! Just start... I want to thank God, my wife Hannah, my family and 1up nutrition for all the love and support. Take a chance, it just might change your life!”


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