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Female Transformation - Yerki Ramos

This is her story 

“After having my 4th child, losing weight became extremely hard, excuses on top of excuses. I tried many diets that never worked. Every time I thought of starting, I would use the excuse that I didn’t have time. I worked full time, college, four children: ages 10, 6 and 1, and a house to keep up with. On top of that, I had no access to the gym.

As I kept gaining weight, I started losing confidence and feeling less interested in doing activities with my family. I didn’t want to go to parties or family gatherings because I was not the good-looking mother I was before. Buying clothes was a nightmare because the clothes I wanted were too small for me and if they had an outfit my size, I would be disappointed with how it looked on me after trying it on.

December 2019, I saw the 1UP Challenge on Facebook and I thought of joining, but again, all the negativity and excuses I had in me kept me from joining the challenge. After the Spring 2020 challenge was over, I was reading Farah Concha’s story, and it motivated me to join the summer challenge.

After joining the summer challenge, I became motivated seeing other people working hard to achieve their fitness goals. I set up a daily schedule where I was waking up ‪at 4:30 AM‬ and going to bed ‪at 11:30 PM‬ to be able to keep up with my busy schedule of family, gym, job, and college.

At first it wasn’t easy since I didn’t have access to a gym. All gyms were open, but gym childcare was closed due to COVID-19. I didn’t have enough equipment to work out at home and getting up ‪at 4:30 AM‬ and going to bed ‪at 11:30 PM‬ while completing school assignments was no joke. I decided to continue my new journey one step at the time. After 3 weeks my body was used to the routine and I was crushing it at my home garage ‪at 4:30 AM‬ trying to keep other competitors motivated.

I’m so grateful for the 1UP Nutrition Challenge team for giving me the tools I needed to regain my confidence & achieve my goals”


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