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Female Transformation - Deborah Hogan

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Congratulations to our 2021 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Deborah Hogan @debbie.kinsey.hogan 


This is her story


“ I am so grateful to 1Up Nutrition for providing this opportunity to challenge myself to become better. I learned a lot and accomplished so much in just 8 weeks.


Food was my comfort. It became my tool for coping over the years. When my mother suddenly passed away, I was devastated. A few months later COVID hit and the world shutdown. I was struggling, it was a really rough time and I turned to food. After being seen for a possible kidney stone I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, non-alcoholic fatty liver, diverticulosis and high cholesterol. After talking with my doctor, my husband and later a friend, I realized the magnitude of what was at stake and I became deeply motivated to take control of my health.


I started searching online for a weight loss contest in hopes it would keep me motivated long enough to create new habits. I came across 1Up’s Transformation Challenge. I saw so many awesome transformations. I was truly inspired so I joined. I opened a gym membership, met with a trainer and a nutritionist. I bought supplements, I meal prepped and I pushed hard. At week 4, I was feeling defeated, like my efforts weren’t paying off. I took my photos and put them side by side my pics from week 1, I was in shock and amazed! I couldn’t believe the physical changes I saw in my pictures. I had no idea the progress I had made. My body was on a path of transformation, but my mind was not there yet. Comparing those weekly pics saved me from giving up and quitting this challenge halfway through.


My body has greatly transformed during this challenge. I lost a total of 22lbs. and over 20 inches. I was also able to cut my blood pressure medication in half. I feel like a different person, but I’m still under construction, LOL! Thank you 1Up Nutrition Family for offering such an incredible life changing challenge and providing access to a great community of support, high quality nutrition supplements, and yes… CASH PRIZES!!!


I’m staying the course of this new lifestyle that’s emerged! I’m not done yet! I’m ready and better equipped to make bigger gains and crush my goals!”



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