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Ambassador Angelo Leone

"Freshman year and had a very fast metabolism. It was hard for me to put on weight, so I looked further into it and realized a few mistakes. I focused on dieting first and then thought why not just workout to put on mass instead of fat. Also, liked that everything was on you and there was no one else to blame. For new people that just started lifting, I would say the biggest thing is to be consistent and lift for the right reasons. Just like anything else if you don’t enjoy something it is a lot harder to be good at it. So enjoy it and don’t compare yourself to others. Do it for yourself! The gym has played a huge role in my life and made me a lot stronger physically & mentally. Doing something you love and having nothing else on your mind while you're doing it is the best feeling ever! Don’t look for results, but work for them. The best thing about lifting is you yourself gets to create your body the way you want it by the amount of work you put in and of course genetics."


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