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Male Transformation - Wilson Soto

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Wilson Soto @wilson_soto1


This is his story


“ I've been trying to get fit for a while, during beginning of 2021 I had one of my best attempts. I was in a relatively pretty good condition but suddenly things can drastically change in our lives. In mid 2021 my life got very hard. I was very depressed, and I really didn't want to know about the things I was passionate about, all I wanted was that God did the miracle I needed but it didn't happen and with pain in my soul I had to admit his willingness, I lost the person that I most admire in life. My Mom. So, depression got worst and even though I knew I was hurting myself with the bad habits I had, I just couldn't control myself, I didn't even want to feel happy, not if my mom wasn't there to see me. On top of that, November 2021, I had a shoulder surgery. Beginning 2022 I saw this 1UP Transformation Challenge and even though I didn't know how I would train with one arm, I decided to enter the challenge just to distract my mind. First few weeks were very very hard for me, it was a mind battle, I wanted to quit and to be honest I had cheat meals more often than I should have those first weeks but I saw people from the 1up community that were also having hard time just like me. I saw how the community supported each other, I listened and applied much of the advice 1up provided us with their coach and week after week I started noticing progress in my habits and my conditioning. I started training with one arm because my other arm was in rehab, but I never stopped. There were some weeks I didn't have significant changes on the scale, but I never quit.


The biggest advice I would like to give to all of those having a hard time is to not wait for the perfect occasion to enter a challenge, there will never be a perfect occasion, just subscribe, work hard and no matter how impossible you think it'll be, don't quit. It's you vs you till you find the best version of yourself.”



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