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Male Transformation - Trellis Day

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Trellis Day @trebutter on a fantastic transformation!


This is his story


"My name is Trellis Day, I am a 15 year Army veteran with two tours to Iraq. I have acquired a lot of injuries from the service. I love learning how the body responds to certain types of stressors as well as different environments. In the military, you learn to adapt to those stressors by staying active while maintaining a positive attitude. Besides injuries I also have some that are not visible such as PTSD, TBI, and Bipolar type II Depressive. 


I have been using weight training as a coping mechanism for both my mental and physical limitations. In 2012, I fell in love with transformations which was an extra incentive to just weight lifting. What led me to the 1UP Transformation Challenge was taking what I have learned over the years in other challenges with hopes of reaching out to others that either need a shift in their mindset and over perception on life and fitness as whole. 


During each 1up Nutrition Challenge I felt comfortable and encouraged to share my ability to get fat and transform fast in only 8 weeks. Overall, not winning or wanting to give up was probably the most challenging for me. I have learned to accept not winning and saying to myself that my time will eventually come. Fitness is a lifestyle not just a season. Overall, with my experience I would just say, look at fitness as a balancer to your life's problems because it relieves stress. Finally, I would say if you change your thoughts or perception, then the rest is easy with consistency."



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