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Male transformation - Stephon O Glover

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Years 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Stephon O Glover @brotha_outta_space

This is his story

“Last summer I started working out again and while I could not get a grip on my diet, it felt good to be back in the gym. As the new year approached, I looked around for some type of competition and found 1UP Nutrition on Instagram. I thought to myself “supplements and a competition, sign me up”. The 1UP transformation challenge was the fire I needed to push myself.
Once the challenge started, I spent the entire 8 weeks doubting myself, but pushing myself harder with each doubt. I knew I could not continue down this road with my weight. Working out was easy for me to do but eating properly was not. I had to fix my eating habits and my relationship with food. I knew if I could maintain the discipline for the duration of the challenge, I could maintain it for life.
During the time I was dealing with the effects of COVID like everyone else. Both of my parents got diagnosed during the second week which put a lot of mental strain on me. My daughters school got shut down due to local cases and I was also in graduate school with winter finals happening around that time. All I wanted to do was eat myself into a coma.
I learned so much about myself during the challenge. I learned how I should eat, when I should eat, and what I should eat. These things are not universal and depend a lot on the individual, which is something else I learned. I overcame my addiction to gummy candy, realized I was gluten intolerant and how to listen to my body instead of just mindlessly eating because I was bored, thirsty, or it had been a couple of hours.
Anyone starting a challenge, listen to your body, and start slow. I started working out and making small changes to my diet over the course of 6 months. Once I was able to maintain, then I made drastic adjustments to my diet. It can be easy to jump in headfirst, but it can also be overwhelming and unsustainable. Remember we didn’t build poor habits overnight and they won’t be broken overnight. Believe in yourself, visualize what you want and go after it relentlessly.”


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