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Male Transformation - Shane Higa

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Shane Higa @shane.Tyler on a fantastic transformation!


This is his story


“I joined the 1UP Transformation Challenge because I got out of shape during the Covid19 pandemic. I needed motivation to get me back on track with my training. I had just finished my first bodybuilding show in November 2019. I was going to compete in 2-3 more shows the following year in 2020, but then all our gyms in Hawaii got shut down and all bodybuilding shows got canceled. It was also hard to acquire weights since everyone was buying them all or trying to sell their used weights for 3x their worth.


At the beginning I felt inspired and I felt the fire in me again. I was making improvements every week and I felt healthy since I was back to eating clean meal-prepped food, 6x a day. I increased the cardio every week by 5 mins every week and eventually I felt like I was exhausted every day. I went into a carb-cycling 5 weeks in to lose more weight. I could feel the hungry and lack of energy grow as each week went on. I did feel proud and accomplished when I saw the fat finally come off and the shred come in.


The biggest obstacle I overcame was self-doubt. My goal is to become an IFBB pro bodybuilder one day. I felt like I lost my sense of purpose when I started putting on all my weight during the pandemic. I thought I'd never be able to achieve my goal since I lost the fire in me. I loved the atmosphere of the gym and how it pushes me to do more. Working out at home doesn't quite do it for me.


I've learned how to find motivation in the darkest of times, and how I shouldn't make excuses for me not to stay in great shape all-year round. On a side note, I did learn more healthy food recipes from 1UP's e-book and how great your protein bars were.


My advice to others starting their fitness journey is to learn about nutrition and dieting. This part seems to be the hardest to learn. Focus on training techniques and form before you go heavier. Getting enough rest is key to helping you recover faster. Last but not least is to never give up. Fitness is journey and it takes time. There are no short cuts.”


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