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Male Transformation - Semi Tuineau

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Congratulations to our 2022 Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Semi Tuineau @semi2ineau


This is his story


“ During the pandemic in 2020 I noticed a tremendous increase in my weight. I went from 170 lbs to 205 lbs in less than a month at the beginning of the lockdown. I was a full time college student at home with literally everything I needed and wanted. All I did was eat, drink, and sleep and eventually I was overweight. I was becoming lazy, unmotivated and embarrassed of my appearance. One day I was just scrolling on IG and saw an ad about 1UP and the weight loss challenge. I first enrolled Spring Challenge of 2020 but I gave up. Then I tried again Summer Challenge same thing. In 2021 I got married and right after I realized I was eating too often. Two attempts but with no prevail led me to thinking that I should just go with the flow like everyone else because everyone gains weight once they’re married and have kids. Until one day when my wife and I realized we’ll be having a baby girl. Right there I told myself I need to harden up because my wife will need me as well as my child so I need to be physically fit and mentally awake to make sure  when my family needs me I’m there. When baby arrived the first thing I needed to overcome was my eating habits and that includes my wife’s eating habits. While my wife was recovering, I gradually changed my eating habits and got rid of all the distractions and finally went back to the gym. Then when my wife saw me making small changes, she was motivated to do the same. For about a month before the Spring Challenge starts, I was just learning as much as I could on YouTube and I was doing a lot of research online. I’m so grateful I did that because without the knowledge I gained I wouldn’t have known how to go about and loose the amount of weight I lost. So my advice for someone who is starting their fitness journey and wanting to lose weight, learn as much as possible about weight loss and muscle development. YouTube was my best friend I can tell you that!”


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