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Male Transformation - Mike Gutierrez

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Congratulations to our 2023 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Mike Gutierrez @lakobe1989 


This is his story


“I joined the 1UP Nutrition challenge with a simple aim: to instill in my kids the value of consistency and commitment. Once deeply passionate about fitness, I had drifted away from that path, which contradicted the advice I give my children about unwavering dedication. 


Big shoutout to Redguap6, who inspired me to take on this challenge. Seeing his incredible results on IG motivated me to aim for success. 


Some of the biggest challenges I faced in this journey were dealing with intense cravings and battling the little voice in my head, insisting that I couldn't win. I knew if I could silence that voice and push through, I could possibly emerge victorious. Here I stand, the 2nd place finisher out of thousands of people. During the challenge, I used the sauna to relax and did cardio sessions while watching some of my preferred shows. I diligently tracked my workouts and meticulously weighed my food for accuracy. Despite these challenges, I stayed committed to daily gym visits and managed my calorie intake. 


This experience wasn't just about my dedication; it highlighted the importance of having a supportive circle. I'm immensely thankful for my wife Karina, who was my pillar of support, along with my friend Luis. In the words of my favorite athlete, "JOBS NOT FINISHED." I've set a goal to lose 45lbs in the next 24 weeks. I'm embracing the inner mamba mentality to hit my goals. 


Through this journey, I learned and shared a vital lesson – perseverance leads to success. It was a profound experience that reinforced the belief that success is attainable with unwavering dedication. Follow my ongoing journey filled with consistency and resilience on Instagram at lakobe1989. The core lesson here is staying consistent with workouts and food choices, a valuable lesson I hope others take to heart.”


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