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Male Transformation - Mike Trevino

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Mike @miketrev3 on a fantastic transformation!

This is his story

“I tend to get carried away with my bad eating habits and can easily go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s crazy how all the hard work can be lost twice as fast! I love how 1upnutrition provides these transformation challenges 4 times a year because it helps me stay on track.

I won the 2020 Spring challenge and what I thought was the best shape of my life actually wasn’t. I decided to join the 2021 New Year’s challenge and became even better! I kept my routine going and combined healthy meals with workouts at my gym. I did things such as fasted cardio and carb cycling provided by 1up nutrition to help reach my goal of attaining a 6 pack.

I learned that there is no limit and if you truly want to reach a certain weight goal it CAN HAPPEN. Combing hard work, dedication, consistency, nutrition, and supplements from 1up nutrition will guarantee a better lifestyle (both mentally and physically) but most importantly a BETTER YOU.

I will be joining the next challenge because my journey doesn’t end here. I love everyone at the gym because everyone is working towards betterment. We are the fit fam and the only competition is the mirror! Never give up. Always say “I can.” Do work. Create time instead of excuses. LETS GET IT!”


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