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Male Transformation - Miguel Rodriguez

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Congratulations to our 2021 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Miguel Rodríguez @i_love_boost_n_booty 


This is his story


“ My 1UP Transformation journey started when my wife mentioned her old friend from High School had placed first in the last challenge. I did some research on the 1UP brand and saw products that translated to results, with amazing past transformations. Me being in a constant battle with trying to get in shape for the last 6 years, I realized that a competition like this could help keep me motivated and keep me in check instead of giving up and not reaching my goals.


My favorite supplement had to be the 1UP Pre-Workout. Getting home late from work, lack of energy was a constant problem that would sometimes deter me from going to the gym. The Pre-Workout basically eliminated this problem from my transformation journey, and I quite enjoyed the taste of it as well (pineapple). 1UP Pro Ripped Max was also a favorite of mine. This I felt, optimized my results from the gym. I could literally feel the burn with every jump rope, bench press, push up, etc. when I used this supplement. Keep in mind I also completely changed my bad eating habits to make sure all this hard work wasn’t going to waste with a bad diet. In comes the 1UP Appetite Suppressant! This helped me with one of my worst habits, late night snacking.


This experience was an epiphany for me. Living a healthy lifestyle is more crucial than you think. I mean, why not invest in the most important thing in your life…YOU! That’s why my investment in 1UP was actually an investment in myself; my body and my mental. To anyone out there trying to achieve a transformation or just live a better lifestyle, my advice is set goals and have a why. Having a why can make all the difference. It can be the reason why you don’t give in a few days, weeks or even months into your change for a better you. Thank you 1UP for this opportunity to make this change in my life. I’m glad to have found out about you guys and this challenge as well.”


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