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Male transformation - Melvin

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition Athlete Melvin @melvinkeihn on an amazing Transformation!

This is his story

“Since I was young, I’ve always participated in sports and loved the feeling of competing. As a former collegiate athlete, I love working out. After I finished my football career in 2018, I wanted to find another activity to keep me fit. I’ve always struggled to put on size even in college. One of my goals was to put on as much muscle mass as possible naturally.

Since joining the fitness industry and bodybuilding, I have learned that MOTIVATION is simply not enough if you want to reach your fitness goals. You’re not always going to be motivated to go workout especially when you’re sore, tired and beat up from the day before. I have also learned discipline from this amazing sport.

When I first started, it was hard to follow a straight diet plan. The amount of food I had to eat to put on size was too much for me to handle at first. I cheated my diet a lot and used vacation as an excuse to eat other things. Everything changed for me after my first bodybuilding competition. The changes I saw in just 16 weeks made me crave more results so I decided to make my diet and training a lifestyle. Fitness is now part of my lifestyle and the fact that I get to wake up every morning to compete with myself and get better is something I crave everyday!

One thing I love about fitness is that it’s NEVER too late to get started. Doesn’t matter what your goal is in this world, make up your mind and NEVER give up. Celebrate the little results and accomplishments.”


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