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Male Transformation - Kyle Darling

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Congratulations to our 2022 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Kyle Darling @kamadarling85


This is his story:


“I started this fitness journey back in March after a health scare, which to be honest I was surprised it took that long for some kind of health issue to happen. I remember my doctor telling me how my blood pressure was too high and my cholesterol was on its way to being bad and how scary it was for him to tell me I may have to be on blood thinners for life. He told me if I couldn’t get it under control than I would be stuck taking pills forever to fix everything that I knew I could fix on my own if I just tried.


I found 1UP on Facebook and was inspired by all the people that were going through the same kind of things I was and how dedicated everyone was to change their life. I started the spring challenge, but I didn’t follow through with it and I was so disappointed with myself, but I knew I couldn’t give up so I decided to try again and made a promise to myself, that no matter what my results were I was going to finish the challenge at least. I worked harder than I ever have before physically and emotionally. As each week passed, I grew more confident and to my surprise I surpassed every goal I set for myself and then some.


I can honestly say that I feel better now than I have since I was a teenager and I’m loving every minute of it. I hope my journey and the knowledge I have learned along the way can help as many people as possible.


If I could offer any advice to anyone trying to live healthy and hit their goals, is never stop trying. It may seem impossible and out of reach but as long as you keep trying and never give up, you will find that motivation and eventually get to where you want to be. For those reading my story just remember that you got this and the only thing standing in your way is YOU so letsss goooo!!!”


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