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Male Transformation - Kevin Hawkins

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge  participant Kevin Hawkins @khawkfit on a fantastic transformation!


This is his story


“What led me to joining the 1UP Transformation Challenge was getting out of shape over the past 5 years since having 3 kids and getting married. I saw an ad for the 1 up transformation challenge on social media and told myself enough is enough, it’s time to get back in shape, no more excuses. The challenge felt extremely satisfying and it really was a big boost for my confidence levels seeing the results of exerting myself with dieting and exercising and I feel better. I ate clean, gave up alcohol and hit the weights hard. I lost 27 lbs in 8 weeks and learned through my own transformation that this isn’t enough for me, so I’m going to continue my own transformation and also I am working to become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist to help others with their transformations to become better. The best advice I could give to anyone wanting to transform would be to eat clean and count macros on the 1UP app, and don’t get discouraged if your progress doesn’t seem to be going as fast as you want it to, the community on Facebook is extremely motivating and there is plenty of people who will be glad to help advise you to help you reach your goals. You can do it! Become the best version of yourself and never give up!”


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