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Male Transformation - Joshua McCarty

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Congratulations to our 2024 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 3th place $4,000 cash prize winner Josh McCarty @coachmack141 


This is his story:


“In recent years my fitness level has taken different shifts based on many different phases or obstacles in my life. First and foremost being a good parent of 5 children has been a hard juggling act. My children range from ages 16 to 5 and with their demanding schedules it has been hard to parent and stay consistently focused on my personal fitness goals. Along with the demands of parenting I joined the 1UP challenge last year but never finished after suffering a shoulder injury during the contest. I spent about 9 months trying to rehab my shoulder so that I could begin exercising again. When I started the contest I was very weak and worried about reinjuring my shoulder so I made sure to start light. I also used the 1up joint support to help strengthen my joint with the assistance of nutrition supplements. After about 4 weeks I felt that I could push myself without the risk of re-injuring my shoulder. My biggest focus during the challenge was gaining muscle. I had to be smart with picking exercises that did not cause pain and use weight that pushed me but didn’t break me. This helped me continue my fitness journey throughout the whole challenge. I used additional supplements like Pro-test, BCAA’s, and Pure Rebuild. I felt these supplements gave me the edge to gain muscle and recover from workouts better. Considering I hadn’t worked out in a long time and I’m 45 it was important to have the support those supplements provided. Some of the biggest things I learned were to just stay focused and trust the process. Sometimes you see other people doing really well and it is hard to stay focused because you doubt yourself. For that reason I focused on myself and my personal changes because that was why I joined the contest. Remember to make a plan, stay true to the plan and do your best, the rest will fall into place.”


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