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Male Transformation - John Escubio

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Congratulations to our 2023 Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner John Escubio @jp.getfit 


This is his story:


“In my younger years, I was an active individual, engaged in various sports, particularly basketball, which I held dear to my heart. However, injuries took their toll, and my weight started to become a problem. I lost my motivation, stopped being active, and found myself struggling with the consequences.


The 1UP Challenge gave me new hope to become better and to get back to what I love most, playing basketball. Turning 36 this year, I realized that if I wanted to stay healthy and remain active as I grew older, I needed to make changes now, without ever regressing again. And so, I joined the challenge, keeping myself motivated and accountable along the way.


At first I faced numerous challenges. I had to make significant adjustments to my eating habits and time management. Working the evening shift at a hospital, I was constantly on my feet. It meant coming home late at night, battling the temptation to binge eat and compromising my sleep schedule. However, the challenge pushed me to change those habits. I stopped eating late at midnight, prioritized getting a good night's rest, and embraced the discipline of waking up early to hit the gym. It was frustrating in the beginning, but gradually I transformed into a different person


One of the most remarkable aspects of this journey has been the unwavering support of the 1UP community. There were moments when I felt down and unmotivated. But in those moments, I turned to the 1UP Facebook group, where I found incredible individuals sharing their positivity and encouragement. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a support system on this journey.


In the pursuit of our goals, staying consistent and maintaining focus is crucial. It's important to acknowledge that in the beginning. It takes time, and instant results are rare. However, I assure you that with determination, belief in oneself, and a commitment to the journey, remarkable results will follow.”


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