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Male Transformation - Jamal Robinson

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Jamal Robinson @jamal_frederick


This is his story


I was super motivated moving into the 1UP Transformation Challenge but I had a few hurdles along the way. We experienced some health issues in the house, which took me out for weeks. I lost a lot of gains and had to start all over. We experienced a couple of other personal emergencies and when I’m in an intense, highly emotional space, I can easily succumb to bad habits and impulses. I had one slip up, but I didn’t crash and burn like I normally do and for that, I’m extremely proud.


The main thing I focused on during this challenge was discipline, routine, and consistency. These were probably the concepts I struggled with the most, so I went headfirst into creating a new pattern for myself. It was super difficult with a wife, two growing kids, and then a two-year-old. Sleep was the hardest and staying consistent or on a schedule - you might as well laugh at me. But we got it in nonetheless.


I loved the process. I learned a lot, focused more, and saw results I had never seen. And my wife was impressed and happy and proud as well, which was another goal of mine. The FB group was always super encouraging, motivating, and helpful, sharing their tips, advice, and experiences.


The number one thing I tell everyone who asks me about my changes - is you have to want it. You have to be sick of your own BS and excuses (I was) and you have to decide to do something. Once you’ve decided with your heart, everything else is just doing the work. It doesn’t have to be crazy difficult - move more, track calories and protein, set realistic small goals, tap into a community like the 1UP FB group.


I love 1UP supplements. They are high quality, super tasty, and do the job. The greens and reds and the L Carnitine were vital for my daily vitamins and good energy for fasted cardio and late-night workouts.


If you want to get your life in order and finally change things around - you can do it!”


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