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Male transformation - Alexander Arango

Congratulations to our 2020 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 1st place $10,000 cash prize winner Alexander Arango @alex._motivates
This is his story
“ For as long as I can remember I would RARELY take my shirt off anywhere; I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with myself around people because of my own insecurities. When the pandemic hit and everything shut down in NY, I fell into a pattern of laziness and gluttony because of the “shelter in place” NY state mandated. I became aware of the pattern right around when gyms were opening again and I decided that I wanted to change my life for the better. I saw the 1Up Transformation challenge on IG and the guidance of food and workouts really motivated me and helped me take off!
During the challenge I felt happy with my effort and progress everyday. I did my best to be aware of my thoughts because I’d lie to myself saying: “Alex, you’re not going to win, why even try” and “I can’t do this”. I believed these lies because in my past I have had trouble following through with my goals. I overcame the negative self-talk by writing positive affirmation every other day. When I felt down and wanted to give up, I’d tell my support group because they held me accountable, supported and motivate me. My biggest obstacle was before the challenge started, because I was afraid to do my best and still not win. I told my mom and she said: “if you win, awesome, if you don’t, you would still win because you would have given your personal best and no one can take that from you”.
Through this process I learned so much about Nutrition: Counting macros, weighting food, serving proper portions. I also learned how to do HIIT cardio and I love it.

I created small goals each day to help me get closer to a healthier lifestyle. First, I logged my food to see what I was intaking daily, then everyday after that I replaced one unhealthy food group with something healthy. These small achievable goals allowed me to stay consistent and empowered me when I started seeing results in the mirror.  Start small and stay consistent!”

How 1UP Nutrition Helps Improve Men's Fitness Transformation


Many people are looking for the next quick fix in today's society in terms of fitness and weight loss. The truth is that the only way to achieve a body transformation is by putting in the hard work, disciplining yourself, and investing in quality weight loss and body-building products like the items 1UP Nutrition provides.

Why Nutrition is Important During Weight Loss and Muscle Building


Much like training your muscles in the gym, your nutrition is vital to the weight loss and body-building process. You cannot achieve a dramatic men's fitness transformation without having your diet dialed in. Eating the right kinds of food in the appropriate amount provides your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and thrive before, during, and after an intense workout.

Why 1Up Supplements Are Important to Total Body Transformation


Supplements like the many available at 1Up Nutrition make it easy to get the necessary nutrients you need to build strong, lean muscle and sculpt an attractive physique. Our supplements are top of the line, packed with exceptional ingredients, perfect for delivering the nutrients you need when you need them. They are going to give you the advantage to enhance your training when taken correctly and paired with a good diet.

How Our Products Help Improve Body Transformations


When you decide you want to go the extra mile and completely change your physique, 1Up Nutrition can help take your body transformation to the next level. Whether you want to focus on weight loss or achieve a dramatic transformation, 1UP Nutrition products are packed with the vital ingredients your body deserves.



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