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Male Transformatino - Tarik Fields

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Congratulations to our 2021 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Tarik Fields @showtym64_fitness_


This is his story


So before I began the challenge, I always worked out but only did the bare minimum. I knew my health wasn't terrible but it was  not nearly as good as it could be. I started losing coworkers and friends to the current pandemic. That was a wakeup call that I needed to gain control of my health to increase my chances of survival and my overall quality of life. That was just one thing that caused me to join this challenge, when I looked in the mirror I was not happy with the man that I saw. I knew that I had potential to become better. My clothes didn't fit well at all and I was uncomfortable in my own skin. My mother passed away at the age of 46 due to her diabetes. I don't have diabetes or any other health issues but I knew deep down if I kept living the way that I was that it would eventually catch up with me. I had competed in the two challenges prior to joining for a 3rd time. The first two times I quit before the end because I defeated myself mentally before it even began. I thought that I wasn't good enough and that I could not do it anymore. This 3rd time around I sat down and meditated and remembered that I have never ever let anything stop me from achieving my goals and refused to give up this time. Did I have obstacles? Yes I work two full time jobs as a firefighter to support my family on top of working as a part time musician. I was in classes for my jobs, some days I would have to speed through my workouts but one thing was for sure that I would not miss a single workout. Some days I couldn't workout until 9pm and would be up again at 4:30am to workout again. Some Days my kids were sick and I had to adjust my routine slightly. As far as food goes there was temptation around every corner especially at the firehouse. I was focused and driven! I refused to defeat myself for a third time! I didn't have any cheat days, and I worked out 6x a week. This time around I learned that I had a support team behind me, I was more active with my 1UP coach and asked questions. I learned how to follow my macros given through the 1up nutrition app, and adjust accordingly for my goals. I learned how to manipulate my body to make it do what I wanted it to. 1up nutrition supplements made me believe in supplements again. Proper diet and exercise, along with the 1UP Nutrition supplements helped me to accomplish my goal in an unbelievable amount of time. I am honored to have placed, and look forward to working hard and competing as many times as I can because I can and I want to become better!


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