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Female Transformation - Rosie

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition Ambassador Rosie @hella.fitness on an amazing transformation!

This is her story 

“Hello I’m Rosie! My fitness journey began like some of you out there... the inconsistent beginner. I had no idea where to start in a gym but I would go & of course most days not go. I even decided to get a personal trainer & yet I still wouldn’t show up to all of my sessions. I was the skinning fat person that maybe felt I “didn’t need to” & oh yeah, I was a little lazy when it came to working out. Not to long after as my career excelled so did my stress. Back to working out it was & this time it was different. I started to feel better mentally & I was feeling strong! I loved that feeling! I ended up over doing it & not eating enough. Eventually realized I didn’t like how thin I looked & maintaining 14% body fat wasn’t for me anymore. Eventually started eating more & lifting heavier to change my body composition. Best decision I’ve ever made. Since, I’ve learned so much & had so many events that held me back but many that pushed me forward! I’m now able to stress less, balance life’s curve balls, & achieve my fitness goals while living life & being a mom. One step at a time. My only advice is to simply just try... & try again.”


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