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Female transformation - Nicole Peloquin

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Nicole Peloquin (FB/nicolesabrinapeloquin) on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story 👇

“I was led to join the 1UP Transformation challenge while looking for ways to lose my pregnancy weight. I was in need of something that would push me to make long-term goals and have some accountability. After I left the military, I struggled to find a reason to stay fit and I was addicted to smoking. The challenge pushed me to forgo immediate satisfaction of my vices & to get outside of my comfort zone with workouts. It was like I was back in bootcamp, but way more personal! It was difficult doing this during quarantine & at home, but it made me believe how possible it is without a gym! And also how possible it is to kick the smoking habit (4 months smoke free). I learned that your biggest ally & enemy is YOU. You have to be honest with yourself and stop cutting corners. If you’re just starting on your fitness journey, I suggest you make a plan & be firm about your goals, but flexible about your methods. Get real with yourself and let yourself be the deciding factor of how your story ends. It’s OKAY to expect more from yourself. It’s OKAY to not settle. Let yourself dream again & don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting to #becomebetter !”


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