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Female Transformation - Karlee Palmeira

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Karlee Palmeira @karlittles_ on a fantastic transformation!
This is her story 
“After I got laid off due to Covid-19 I started gaining a lot of weight. I weighed 163 lbs, it was summer and I was ashamed to wear a bikini. I had gained 30 pounds in 4 months and I was extremely uncomfortable in my own body. Then I came across the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge on an Instagram ad. I knew that it was perfect for me, the motivation that I needed. So I joined, worked really hard, ate healthy, and I used 1Up supplements. I exercised almost every single day. But, I did run into some obstacles during the challenge. In the first weeks of the challenge I was loosing weight fast, it was going perfect, but then I hit a plateau and the scale stopped moving. But I just kept going, pushed through it and eventually the scale started slowly going down again.
On my 6th week I got sick with strep throat and this was hard for me because I was down for a week. I was so bummed, I thought that I was getting behind of every one else in the competition because I couldn’t get out of bed. Once I felt better I went right back into it and I had exactly one week to complete the challenge. I worked extra hard during that last week and I completed the challenge at 142 lbs. I was amazed looking at my photos from week 1 & week 8 I couldn’t believe what I had accomplished. I lost 21 lbs, I lost a lot of fat and I gained muscle. I didn’t win the competition, but a healthy body that I am comfortable in was the best prize.
My whole experience was awesome. I pushed myself and I made myself stronger physically and mentally. For anyone who is just starting their transformation journey my advice is to keep going, results take time . If you don’t see results, then just keep working and your results will eventually start showing. Once you start seeing results you will be addicted. DON’T GIVE UP ! Thank you 1Up for the opportunity to join the challenge and for motivating me and giving me the tips and products I needed to complete this challenge with an amazing transformation.”

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