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Female Transformation- Heidi Schaaf

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Heidi Schaaf @h.schaaf on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story:

“Whew, 2020 sure threw some curveballs. I spent the year pretty inactive working from home and growing our littlest miracle baby. I watched that scale creep way up there and though I was so excited about my pregnancy I dreaded the thought of “how will I bounce back after this”. We welcomed our little guy at the end of the year and I was ready to get back to an active lifestyle but overwhelmed by how out of shape I felt. I was searching for a challenge to help with accountability when I stumbled across 1Up Nutritions transformation challenge.  A free workout and nutrition plan?! Sign me up!

The first week was the hardest figuring out a routine with work, meals and kiddos but I was committed—exhausted but committed. It was my first time tracking macros and I learned to balance nutrition & fuel my body properly. My body was tired some days but I modified as needed, pressed forward and always felt better after. The days flew by and I saw changes on and off the scale. Before I knew it, I had energy for those 4 AM feedings and morning workouts, was passing up pizza to cook at home, and those 30 minutes of HIIT felt like a breeze. Okay, “breeze” may be an exaggeration but I did look forward to workouts and challenging myself.

My experience was greater than expected. I was given the tools I needed to jump start my journey, supplements to compliment my goals, and results that blew my mind. What I thought would take a year to achieve was done in 8 weeks!

My advice to those starting their own journey is find what works for you, continue setting goals, and stay consistent. There will be days motivation is nonexistent but you WILL feel better after that workout! Measure/weigh your foods. Lastly, join the facebook page because it’s full of so many inspiring success stories, support for those in need, and advice for those that may not know where to begin."


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