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Female Transformation - Andrea Romero

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Congratulations to our 2023 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Andrea Romero @mochileaconromero


This is her story 👇


“I joined the challenge due to circumstances in my personal life. For 2 years I didn't take care of myself at all, I gained 25lb. I am currently finishing my degree in “physical activity and sport management”, I have been healthy all my life, training and doing plenty of exercise so I really needed to make a change. That's why I chose to join.

I want to be a good personal trainer and look healthy again. A couple months ago I ended up taking my life back and doing what I needed to do.


Losing weight was a long journey, coming back to the gym after a long time was hard, consistency and eating healthy was really difficult but 1Up is doing a great job with the support group, when you see a lot of people doing the same as you,  you motivate yourself and after few weeks it becomes so easy to follow the routine, even now that challenge is finished my journey continues. I keep training a lot and still using products from 1Up, those products helped me a lot, with the “brookies and the caramel protein” I don't need sweet food anymore. I love L carnitine, make her lean and CLA, it gives me all the energy that I need for the day.


Not only I have made changes in my body shape, but my as well. I remembered why I chose that degree and how I love to do exercise and how I need to finish so I can start helping people with their own journey. I know all my dreams will come true soon. In those last 8 weeks my life changed for the better, I feel strong and healthy. I lost 22 lbs and gained muscle at the same time, the 1Up app guided me to track my macros and exercise routine. This summer I will finish my degree and start to work as a personal trainer and it wouldn't be possible without this challenge.


This was an amazing experience and if you take it seriously you can make a real change in your life, 1Up gives you all the support and tools that you will need. Win or not, if you finish it will be a great prize!”


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