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Female Transformation - Alyssa Juneau

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition ambassador Alyssa @juneauwhoisfit on an amazing transformation!


This is her story


“Back when I first began my journey 3 years ago, I fell for the trend of “starving yourself to become fit” or “skinny is beautiful.” At that point in my life, I would eat a salad and a piece of chicken all day long while lifting heavy weight which would cause me to nearly pass out in the gym almost everyday. I was fearful of becoming muscular and being called “a girl trying to become masculine.” I would go to bed starving and tell myself it was okay, and that was the way to be labeled as beautiful. This old Alyssa is GONE!!!!! 2022 Alyssa eats LOADS of food, lifts heavy, gaining muscle , and is feeling STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL. I learned starving myself will do nothing, food is fuel and we can’t let society label what we should look like.”


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