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emale Transformation - Kimberly Poan

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Kimberly Poan @kimberlycordeau on a fantastic transformation!


This is her story 1u


“My journey started when my sister Jennie told me all about 1 up nutrition, she convinced me to join. I have 5 beautiful children and a handsome husband. I work in home care, over the last 17 years and have not been taking care of myself. I was sick, depressed and felt as if on the edge of a complete breakdown. Then I joined 1UP mostly for my sister at first, that changed quickly. As I started to workout more, I built a personal routine that included taking 1UP stim free preworkout and 1up whey protein shakes, "yummy". I noticed within the first few days I had way more energy, I thought "I like this"! I also had a sleeping issue, I could never seem to fall asleep, awake at all hours of the night. "Yes"!! My body is finally sleeping for the first time in years "yay"! 

The workouts the supplements and lots of determination. I went from depressed sick, tired to loving myself again. Take it from me, If I can do this, anyone can do this. The time is right now, why wait!”


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