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Drayton Cooley

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Congratulations to our 2021 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Drayton Cooley @fitcooley 


This is his story


“My relationship with food over the past year and a half hasn’t been the healthiest. Since the passing of my brother, early 2019, my body had been on a decline. I went to food for comfort. My gym habits were slipping away, however I was still in college and went to the gym often. Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic and “lockdowns” came in I was still enjoying food but there were no gym and basketball courts; I was never an at-home workout type of guy. At my highest, I had gotten up to probably 260lbs some days. Almost 60lbs heavier than in 2018. So I realized this and came across the Winter challenge in January of this year. I was excited but only lasted 3 days because my mindset wasn’t there. So food it was. This cycle continued for 8 months until one day I really got tired of how I felt after eating my food and decided to give the challenge another go. I went in with a variety of reasons why I wanted to do the challenge. With the top 3 being food, health, and money. I was determined to prove to myself that I could get to where I wanted to go if I put my mind to it.


My plan for the first month was to pace myself and build some old habits back that would help me turn it up for the 2nd month. That first month of pacing myself really helped because I wasn’t hating the challenge. I was loving the challenge and I felt great seeing changes. I was trusting the process because I saw that it was working. I’m grateful for this challenge because it gave me the extra motivation that I needed. It reminded me of the wonders of the human body. It gave me a group and community to be a part of. Full of motivation, support, and inspiration. All of those things led to my success. Now I have great habits that are going to be hard to break. And most importantly my relationship with food is amazing.”


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