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Ambassador Kendahl

“ My body development over the years has always been anomalous to the average person, and till this day my transformation still gets seen as an alibi. I started at the age of 6...was blessed with good genetics and the athletic build...got into the sport of wrestling and studying kinesiology, human anatomy, exercise science etc...and stayed committed to a serious lifting regimen at the age of 15. My journey speaks for itself, and regardless of who may think otherwise...Can think what they want to think. I know the amount of work I’ve put in my parent's backyard...I know the amount of knowledge I’ve learned to develop optimally...I know all the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve experienced to “get away” from my own mind dealing with a low self-image, through weight lifting. My physique speaks for itself as a representation of my scars. A tip I would give anyone in the building blocks of working out is to first start with a vision...Use that vision lot steadily build your way with focusing on the basics...And hold onto to that as you take it day by day.”


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