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Athlete Fraser Wilson

“It’s all about self belief. These two photos were taken 4 or so years apart. In the left i was about to turn 17, and on the right is today at age 21. Mind you, this transformation can be easily done in an earlier timeframe; as the majority of my progress actually occurred over the past 2 years when I began to take it seriously. When I was first starting out, the gym was a perfect outlet for the stresses and insecurities I had accumulated over my teen years.


I found solitude within it, regardless of what was going on that 1-2 hours in the gym was like a meditation - I’d always come out feeling refreshed and renewed. Despite the physical changes, there’s a more important change that I can not stress enough. And that’s a shift in mentality. Everything begins and ends in your mind; if you never theorise it in your mind, you will never realise it in the physical.


The moment you begin to believe in yourself is the moment you begin to receive real results. Cut out all the bullsh*t! Ignore the news, complainers, negative situations or anything that’s going to detract from what you want.


Go full tunnel vision on your intellectual curiosity. Whether you like it or not, the outcome of your life is in your hands. Don’t put blame on anyone or anything else. Using a scapegoat for why you’re not taking action simply strips you of your control. Once you accept that you are in fact the captain of your ship, you can then begin to master your destiny.”