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What If You Only Had 1 Day/Week to Hit the Gym?

Many live in a very busy, fast-paced culture. For many, working outfalls to the bottom of the list of priorities. This is not because they may not want to work out, but simply because they do not have time to do so. If you can only make it to the gym a day a week, is there a point in even going? With work, family, and even other social obligations, getting to the gym can be a task all by itself. Sure, you hear people say you just need to make time or if you really want to go you will find time, but they do not have your schedule and your demands.


All your friends go at the very least 3 days a week and they seem not to make too much progress themselves. So what hope do you have?




So, you can only hit the gym once a week? This means by default you have some plentiful time at home, right? First, decide if having a gym membership is worth having if you only can go 52 days out of the year. If you go because of the classes or comradery, then stick with it. Maybe it gives you than accountability you need to even attempt to workout at home.


Workout at home?


Oh yes.


When you hit the gym for that one day a week, focus on utilizing the machines and free weights. Alternate week to week doing isolated training on certain muscle groups. So instead of your split being broken down into days 1, 2, 3, and so on, your splits will be week 1, 2,3, and so on. An example would be:


  • Week 1: Back & Abs
  • Week 2: Legs and Core
  • Week 3: Chest & Abs
  • Week 4: Bis and Triceps
  • Week 5: Shoulders & Abs


Or you can do total body workout once a week.


1 Day Total Body Workout

  • 2 Back exercises, 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 Legs exercises, 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 Chest exercises 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 Bicep exercises 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 Triceps exercises 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 Shoulders exercise 2 sets each (4 sets)
  • 2 ab exercises (sets of failure)


Focus on utilizing that one day in the gym to the fullest.


Get the game plan? Time does not need to hold you back in getting a good, quick workout, even at home with limited resources or limited time and availability at the gym.


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