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Training Alone or with a Buddy


Some articles are based around objective information. The topic of this one is that of completely subjective information and is based off a matter of opinion, but maybe it can help you in deciding what could work better for you.


When it comes to being motivated to train, there are many things one can look at to get “geeked” for the gym. Music is maybe the most important thing, but some people can workout with just the house music of the gym. Some people watch workout videos before they hit the gym, getting ideas even for new movement and exercises. But what about when motivation is lacking? What if the only thing to get you ready to go workout is simply some accountability?


Get you a training buddy.


Now, this approach is a delicate one. You want to be smart with who you choose to train with. Do not treat it like you ware looking for your soul mate but be smart. Your training partner should have similar goals to you. Also, do not always assume you should train with a buddy. Sometimes this can lead to the both of you giving each other excuses to not go workout. Working out with someone maybe you do not know very well will put you both in a position to actually give a damn what the other thinks if you skip out on a workout. There is an old saying that says “familiarity breed contempt”, when it comes to training with a good buddy, sometimes familiarity breeds laziness.


On the flip side, sometimes training with someone can be a let-down. If they are always skipping out on workouts this could have a negative effect on you. Or, maybe they are holding you back from working out harder. This might sound like an odd assessment because most people say training partners can push you more, which they can, but they can also treat training as a social hour to talk about their personal lives or lack-there-of. Many people assume when they first start a workout program that they need to get a training buddy for the accountability, only to find out that they probably do better alone. If you have a personal goal that is very important to you, training alone may be the best route. You may get lucky and find someone who is as passionate about hitting a goal, but it may not be your goal in particular.


Regardless, find your motivation to get up and go workout. At the end of the day, no one can make you go and you are the one making the choice to do this. Getting to a place where you can do it with or without someone else will just ensure that you hold the destiny of your health and fitness goals in your hands, not someone else’s.


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