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Jogging Outside vs Treadmill

Maybe one of the more mundane topics you will read about today, but one that should be approached. The treadmill has been subject to many debates, one is if a person really needs to use it (you should). The other debate is if a person chooses to run outside as opposed to being inside, is there a difference?


This is one of those topics where there is really no definitive answer, mostly preference. An answer could depend on how fast you're running. For the average person, running 6-9 mph on a health-club-quality treadmill, the difference is slight, perhaps nonexistent. Some studies show no difference at all between treadmill and outdoor running; other research shows outdoor running burns 3-5 percent more calories. So you really have to make that choice for yourself and decide if that 3-5 percent is worth it.


The biggest allure to outdoor running is simply being outdoors as opposed to be cooped up inside a sweaty gym with other people (ok, it is not that bad). On a nice day with a good breeze, there is nothing better than being outside and burning some calories. Another allure is challenge as well when running outside is you deal with a lot of changes in terrain if you choose. This can be fun for many which makes those challenges a little more welcoming.


When running inside, you have complete control of what you are doing. If you are training for a race or even conditioning, a treadmill can be a good tool. You can set the treadmill to the speed and incline and better track calories, distance, and even heart rate with less effort. The downside for one can be the upside for another as well when it comes to being around people. Some people are pushed more when running with a group of people around them doing the same thing. There is nothing like looking down a row of treadmills and seeing everyone busting their butt sweating. It indirectly empowers you to follow suit and in a sense “keep up”.


So, when it comes to running inside on a treadmill or outside, just run. Many believe we were born to do that anyways.


Just keep moving.


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