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Should You Take Cardio Rest Days?

When it comes to health and fitness, rest days are usually one of those things that people know they should do, but don’t. Especially when it comes to bodybuilding, lifting weights, or any kind of resistance training, the mindset with many is “more the better”


This is very far from the truth however. Our body’s need to rest and recover when we do resistance training of any form. The taxation and breaking down on the muscles that occur during workouts can be harmful if done every day, especially with the same intensity and duration.


But why is it when people do actually take a break from lifting weights, they even take a break from cardio? Many assume that since we need rest from lifting weights or resistance training that we should obviously need the rest from cardiovascular workouts as well.


Believe it or not this is far from the truth as well.


The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and lungs, two primary organs that are responsible for not just for exercising in any fashion, but also living as well. The heart and lungs never take a day off. The days you are not in the gym lifting, the heart and lungs are still working. It is what they are designed to do. So, by training them or giving them a workout every day, the overall benefits to the body are tremendous.


Cardio exercise keeps your heart healthy, helps manage weight loss, enhances your mood, helps out your immune system, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases, helps in managing any current chronic conditions you may have, increases energy levels and can help you live longer with higher levels of functionality.


This is why doing cardio everyday is actually a good thing.


Now, one has to be mindful. It is suggested that 30 minutes a day is more than enough and making sure the duration and intensity vary throughout the week. So, you cannot do the same insane cardio workout everyday of the week. This could lead to adverse effects as opposed to positive ones. Going on brisk walks, riding a bike, slow jogs, stair climber, hikes, the options are huge.


It is the cardio part of fitness that should remind you that working out is for health first, looks second. The body is an amazing vehicle and tool. You can do about as much damage to it by overdoing something as you can be underdoing something.

When it comes to cardio, there does not need to be a rest day.


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