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Battle Ropes

Warning: not for the faint of heart!


Ok that may be a little extreme, but battle ropes are no joke for sure. Many of the fitness elite out there are always looking for the next challenge, the next best thing to break through some plateaus and get their body in even better shape. New fitness equipment is like a new flavor of ice cream to try out.


It could be horrible or great.


Battle ropes in a sick way are both!


Battle ropes are an “old school” form of training if you will. Taking something simple as a weighted rope that ranges from 1” all the way up to 3” in diameter, and from 15’ all the way up to 50’ in length, the rope is anchored at mid-point which gives each hand its own handle to grip. The movements are somewhat torturous but very effective. It is truly a battle between the athlete and the ropes.


From a visual standpoint, the training is awesome. Constant motion and movement in the ropes and athlete promote nothing but energy and even fun. The whole body is engaged in this “battle” of strength and endurance. It takes no time to get a sweat going (that is an understatement), muscles to start burning, and even lactic acid to start building up.


Battle ropes are full body strength training as well as awesome cardio. They target the upper body and core primarily since those are the primary movers of the ropes in mostly all exercises. They are awesome for muscle building as well when it comes to the shoulders, forearms, and biceps. If you are just starting out using battle ropes, put them at the end of your current workout. Doing the most common exercise, alternating wave, do 30 second on and off intervals at about 3-4 intervals at the end of your workout. The alternating wave involves tucking your elbows into your sides and alternating pumping your arms up and down, creating alternating waves in the ropes. You should be in a ready position, with knees slightly bent and spine neutral, ready to work.


These are more common battle rope exercises. They may be common but are still highly effective as you will find out (Google or even YouTube the movements to make sure they are being done properly):

  • Waves
  • Slam
  • Circles
  • Flyes
  • Grappler Throws
  • Burpee Slams
  • Alternate Wave/Lateral Lunge Combo
  • Single-Arm Plank Wave


Another cool facet with battle ropes is the convenience of where you can do them. All you need is an anchor point for the rope and you can go to work! Many people put them on bleachers, benches, basketball hoop poles, and even telephone poles!


So, for anyone serious about their fitness goals and pushing themselves to the limit, battle ropes provide muscle building, strength and cardio workouts!


Go to battle!


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