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Why You're Dieting but Not Losing Weigh?

Sometimes watching HOW MUCH you eat is harder than watching WHAT you eat. Maybe you have tried your best to even keep the “healthy stuff” to a reasonable portion but seem to just over do it every time. Food is good, and it seems like when you are restricted to the amount of food you can eat, you crave food that much more!


Many people have issues with overeating. They can convince themselves that because they are eating healthier foods they are allotted to eat as much as they want. That is so untrue. Always remember, calories are calories, and you can consume too many calories by eating good foods just like you can by eating bad foods.


So, when looking at putting to death overeating habits, portion control is a great place to start. People are visual, much of the reason why food is so enticing because most food looks awesome. A little trick to the trade is making sure you do not overload your plate or bowl with food by simply using smaller dishes. When a person grabs a plate or bowl, their objective naturally is to fill it up. So, use smaller dishes. You give yourself a chance to simply get satisfied with the food you’ve eaten (not stuffed) which will hinder your want to go back and get seconds.


Another route to stopping overeating is suppressing the appetite. This can be done in numerous ways. Certain supplements help out with appetite suppressant. 1UP Nutrition’s “Make Her Lean Max” and “Pro Ripped Max” are designed with a formulation that will help not only curb appetite, but give you focus, energy, and help promote good mood! By implementing these amazing products in your day to day regiment you should notice a pretty quick shift in the overeating habits.


Getting hungry and overeating may be because your sugar levels are too low as well. So, make sure you implement fruit in your daily eating, roughly 2-3 servings to be exact. The sugar in fruit will help curb your cravings and keep your sugar levels good.


Also, keep protein plentiful in your diet. Protein has a way of making the body feel satiated, so at the very least .75 to 1 gram of protein per body pound is a good start. Spicy foods have been proven as well to help suppress appetite. So, adding certain spices like pepper or hot sauce to foods will help with keeping eating in check.


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