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When to take BCAAs?

Some say timing is everything. Regardless, it is very important. Taking supplements at the proper time which is the most effective time is critical for maximum results. Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are as adaptable as any supplement when it comes to when you take them. This has always brought some confusion to many people who take BCAAs. Maybe you have had people tell you to take them before your workout. Or maybe you see people drinking them during their workout. But since you could remember, you have taken them after your workout.


When looking at BCAAs, you need to first look at what their main purpose is. BCAAs are made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These 3 play into each other’s roles and responsibilities when it comes to building muscle. Leucine is the primary player when it comes to promoting muscle growth, with the other two helping out its function and purpose. Leucine by itself would still be valuable, while the other two left alone would not be so beneficial. BCAAs help out also with muscular endurance and recovery, which would imply taking them during a workout and after would be a benefit. And please note taking BCAAs before a workout would make the product present in the body and in a sense “prime” the muscles to work.


So, which is best - before, during, or after?


BCAAs are all about muscle building, which cannot take place until recovery is initiated and started. With that being said, if a time had to be chosen to consume a BCAA product, after would be the most beneficiary. Once again, this is saying if only one time had to be chosen. Taking a BCAA product before a workout or even during are still beneficial and will only help in you reaching your goals, so do not stop taking them at those times if you have been, just get another serving in sometime after your workout as well (within an hour or so).


With a great ratio and transparent formulation and ingredient information with products like His BCAAs and Her BCAAs and also a vegan based BCAA called Natural Vegan BCAA, 1UP Nutrition has every corner covered. These BCAA products also come with glutamine and hydration support and a special collagen formula in the women’s BCAAs, which helps out with skin, nail, and hair health and full joint support in the men's formula, which helps with joint support and recover.


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