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What is the Proper Amount of Fruit Intake?

Virtually everyone loves fruit. If it is not all fruit it is a certain fruit. Everyone has a favorite if you will. With that being said, fruit also holds a positive stigma of being healthy. This is great because if it is healthy and good for you, you should be able to eat as much as you want, right?


Sadly, no


Fruit is very good for you and has tons of antioxidants and vitamins to fight off illnesses. On top of that as noted, fruit is delicious. It is a very adaptable food and can be served with almost anything. Fruit can also give life to the most dreadful meal.

One of fruit’s main attributes (and attractions) is the sugar or fructose content. The fructose gives fruit it’s sweet taste. As many people know though, sugar can be very damaging if over consumed. Too much fructose from fruit is not good for anyone because of the adverse effects it will have on blood sugar levels which then can damage the pancreas and even lead to diabetes. When the body over consumes anything used for energy (sugar/carbs), the liver gets maxed out and all the excess sugar is converted into fatty acids. It gets worse. The body then sends the fatty acids back into the bloodstream to be stored. Storage places of course include hips, butt, thighs, and stomach. 


Sugar does a number internally and externally when overconsumed.


Even though fruit is healthy, moderation is key. Studies show that a person should not consume anymore than 2-3 servings of fruit daily. If a person is a juice drinker, which contains most of the time high fructose syrup (a lot of sugar), ½ a cup daily is more than enough. Many people prefer to get their fruit intake in via smoothies. This fills them up due to the protein added and other ingredients which will keep their fruit servings in check throughout the day.


So, when it comes to fruit, anyone and everyone should be eating it. Portion sizes and servings throughout the day is going to be the variables that turns something healthy and beneficial like fruit into something damaging and unhealthy.


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