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Holidays and Getting Back on Track

It is that time of year where it seems like whatever a person tries to do avoiding bad calorie dense (and delicious) food is nearly impossible. If it be because of family gatherings or work potlucks, the holidays, especially Holidays, is a place where all meal plans and diets go to die. Working out through this time of year is simply for damage control for many. Many people have already made their mind up that there is no point in even trying to be sensible when it comes to their eating during a Holiday Party.


If you fit into that mold and you are already looking at the game plan after Holidays, please read on.


Holidays provides people with pretty much anything and everything when it comes to food. Getting back on track after the Holiday does not need to be as big of a challenge as you may think. The trick is to be smart during it. Now, smart does not mean to avoid eating and indulging in foods you would usually run away from because they are not on plan. Being smart means watching your portions for the most part.


Many will agree that Holiday Dinners are mostly unhealthy because people overeat. It is bad enough you will be eating foods you usually would not eat, so at the very least make sure you are not eating a lot of those foods. Now why is this approach important? It is important because when Holidays pass, and you step on the scale, hope will be more of the common theme than despair. If you are able to get through Holidays and only put on a few pounds, that’s an easy fix. You will not have to really revamp your training and eating, just get back on plan and move on. However, if you are able to accomplish double digit gains in your weight post-Holiday, you will now be battling a little “shock and awe”.


If this is the case and you put on a few pounds, first come to a place of acceptance. You know what it is like to battle uphill and it is time to suit up and get grinding. Drop your calories down a little more than what you were at before the Holiday and devote a little more time to cardio during your workouts. Do this for about a month. This will put your body in a better state of “shock and awe”. And do not forget, you will bounce back!


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