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Should You Take a Break from Dieting?

One’s diet is what they eat. So, this article should not be confused with the notion on taking a break from eating. In the fitness world, however, dieting means something slightly different. The word merely suggests a certain way of eating to get your body in a desired shape or condition. Desire is very powerful because it can cause people to go down an unhealthy road of eating.


Dieting in this aspect should not be done forever. Many times, the approach is a calorie restricted or altered and tailored macronutrient profile to achieve something specific, like fat loss and/or muscle gain. At first, the body will respond to the disciplined eating and dieting, then eventually it will hit a plateau will progress ceases. The normal approach to this is to get more disciplined and strict with the eating to keep progress going. This involves not only changing the way gym time is utilized but also restricting more calories. Once again, the body responds, and then once again, the body ceases its response.


How long does a person go on like this? Part of being disciplined in the fitness world is knowing when to take a break. Knowing when to take a break from working out and take a break from dieting.


When it comes to working out not only will any kind of “gains” stop but maybe even fatigue and pain starts to set it. This is a good way to know a break is needed.


When it comes to dieting, the body can start feeling sluggish and no more visible or notable changes. Also, the immune system can be compromised from lack of nutrients and calories, so you may notice yourself getting sick more often.


So, does this mean you are doomed to being fat and out of shape no matter what you do? No. This just simply means that if you are on a diet that is restricting calories, which in return is restricting nutrients and even energy to the body, you may need to revamp your eating layout to get your body out of the funk it is in.


A good rule of thumb for any diet is go strict for 12 weeks and then take 2 to 4 weeks off, eating smart and sensibly, just not as strict and restricting. Another approach is during your dieting time, give yourself cheat meals or cheat days so you can indulge a little which will help lower the chances of you losing your mind. This will also help in keeping the body out of a plateau and keep it guessing and reacting to the diet you are on.


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