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Nutrition Myths

In every facet of life, there is something of “mythical proportion”. How myths start is relative, but they are out there and real. When it comes to foods and diet, myths are thick and abundant. If it be because of cultural beliefs or traditional beliefs, everyone has a perspective on food that may be untrue.


The following are some of the more popular and odd nutritional myths out there:


Egg Yolks are Bad


This is an oldie. The debate has been back and forth if egg yolks are good or if they’re bad. Both ends of the spectrum in a sense are not really wrong, just lacking some truth.


Eggs yolks do contain cholesterol which when eaten in abundance can clog arteries and cause major health issues. The issue is the amount eaten. They also contain nutrients that are awesome for the body that the egg whites alone do not provide. So, egg yolks have a place in a meal plan, just do not make your meal plan all about eggs.


Carbs Make You Fat


This is a very common mindset which has kind of developed into an epidemic. Many people label carbs “bad” because by simply depleting one’s intake, you can lose weight. So, it only makes sense that having carbs makes you fat, right?



This goes back to once again, portion and even what kind of carbs you are consuming (Hi GI or Low GI). Carbs play a crucial role in brain function, overall energy, and muscle growth (all which are very vital in the fitness lifestyle). By wiping out carbs from your diet, you could be throwing the baby out with the bath water. Be smart with your carb intake, but do not shy away from them.


Microwaved Food Makes Food Dangerous


When thinking of the word “radiation”, not so pleasant images come to mind, right? Radiation is not about nuclear plants and other stuff, but simply referring to energy that travels in waves and spreads out as it goes. Microwaves have a very weak radiation field, and there is nothing the microwaves is doing outside the food to cook it, all the activity is energy and heat inside of the food which cooks it. Ever notice microwaves are not “hot” when you open them? Microwaving food to cook it is really no different than any other form of cooking. Now, issues can arise from the containers we microwave food in, which can do something to our food, so look for microwave safe containers.


Fasting Periodically Cleanses the Body of Toxins


This is a biggie these days. Truth be told, the body already has these awesome components to do some cleansing, they are called the liver, spleen, and kidneys. There is actually no evidence that suggests that by not eating (or only drinking juice) can make these components work any better.


Gluten-Free is the Way for Everyone


With all these gluten free products popping up in grocery stores, a myth is going around that everyone should be on a gluten free diet (same mindset with the low/no carb diets). There are people who even believe that gluten free products help treat autism, which assumes that products with gluten can affect a person with autism. This is all a big myth. There is no correlation between gluten and autism or even going gluten free and helping out with autism. Furthermore, nutritionists suggest if you do not have a health based reason to be on a gluten free eating plan, do not shy away from gluten because it will make no difference in how you feel.


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