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How Carbs Help with Weight Loss

It is not an oxymoron to say, “Carbs help with fat loss”. With the “no/low carb” lifestyles and diets, it is no wonder why so many people have put a negative stigma on carbohydrates. The truth is, carbs do way more good than bad. It truly boils down to amount and variation of carbohydrates. The presence of carbs plays just as important of a role in losing weight as the absence of carbs play.


  1. Carbs are Satisfying


Carbs act as an appetite suppressant, so by eating them we are less prone to over eat and go looking for foods we should not be eating. In other words, they fill us up. The objective though is eating the right carbs at the right time. Carbs give us energy and allow our brains to function properly.


  1. Carbs Control Sugar Levels


The proper mixture of carbs helps keep insulin and sugar levels in a good place which in return helps combat diabetes. Eating a mixture of low gi and high gi carbs actually will help with keeping sugar levels good too. So, if you eat a carb (hi gi) that can spike your sugar levels, make sure you eat it with a low gi carb to establish a balance.


  1. Carbs Help with Metabolism/Muscle


Carbs help out with getting your metabolism going. When carbs move through your digestive system, fatty acids are released that actually help with preserving muscle mass. This muscle mass that is held on to helps with burning off fat. The more muscle you have, the more potential you have for burning body fat.


  1. Carbs Give You Energy


To elaborate a little more on what was mentioned in the former of this article, carbs are a vital energy source to your body. Depleting carbs from your daily eating will deplete sugar stores in the muscles and blood which in return will leave you drained. Workouts are much easier to attack when you have the energy and physical gumption to go after them. The more energy you have the more intense your workouts can be, which leads to more calories being burned.


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