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Carbs Before, During, and After Workouts

Carbs seem to be making a comeback these days. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you do not know if carbs are good or bad. Maybe you are curious about how many you should eat daily to hit your goals.  Fact of the matter is, carbs are essential and necessary for a strong and healthy body.


When it comes to muscle growth, carbs are vital for numerous reasons, one of them being because of the role they play in insulin levels. Insulin levels will help determine your body’s ability to “soak up” nutrients it needs to build muscle. If the body is low on insulin, the amino acids are stolen and turned into glucose. You do not want certain hormones (catabolic) to steal your gains in the gym.


This shines some light on the importance of carbs around a workout, not just before or after. Studies have showed that by having carbs before, during, and post workout significantly boosts muscle gain potential. On top of that, post workout nutrition is severely hindered if carbs are not taken in pre or even during (intra) a workout.


1UP Nutrition’s Tri-Carb product is an awesome weapon to have in your lifting arsenal. With a special “tri-stage carb blend” that includes cluster dextrin (goes through the stomach quickly and allows the body to use it quickly for energy), Carb10 (helps with nutrient transportation and replenishing glycogen stores), and ModCarb (made from oats and grains), this product will help ensure that you are where you need to be when it comes to being on point with your carb consumption before, during, and after your workout.


So, next time you workout, do not forget the carbs. They are as important as anything else when it comes to nutrition and getting good, muscular gains.


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