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The Myth of Spot Target Fat Burning and What You Can Do to See Results

Time and time again we may have all struggled to lose fat in certain parts of our body.

Genetically, there always seems to be a part of our figure that we aren’t completely satisfied with.  Many long to lose fat in these specific parts.  For instance, you may want to shed the fat in your abs section. Is this really possible?  It would be great if we could lose the fat in the desired body part.  The answer is simply no. 


Most think that spot reduction (eliminating fat from a specific area), occurs when you exercise muscles more on a certain body part, which will in turn, allow you to lose more fat.  If for example, you wanted to do leg curls daily, you could lose leg fat, and burn more energy---which would allow you to lose the fat quicker.  This is not the case because as you exercise, calories will be metabolized into fuel. By working out, your body is using up calories, so any type of exercise will help shed the pounds.  Exercising your legs will help you burn fat, but the rest of your body will lose just as much.  In addition, when you are burning fat stores, it doesn’t utilize the muscles being flexed, but the whole body is still burning fat. 


Though you may have heard the hype of the possibility of spot reducing fat, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  From TV advertising to online outlets, reducing fat in certain body parts has become widely promoted, but they simply do not work. Everyone has a pattern where fat can be increased or decreased.  For example, some will lose fat from their arms easier than their stomachs.  Though this is genetic, having a mindset of trying to lose overall weight will help you reach your body transformation goals.  This includes eating a healthy diet with lean meats, whole grains, & fruits and vegetables. Exercising at least five times a week that includes weight training and cardio are also ideal.


In addition taking proper supplementation like our thermogenic fat burners for Men or Women's will help greatly. It would be nice if you could spot target fat burning so you can focus on the body part that gives you the most trouble, but this is simply not the case.  Instead, you must do everything in your power to eat right and participate in full-body workouts.  Are you ready to see results?  Then, forget about spot target fat burning.


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