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Why Some People Lose Fat Faster Than Others

This article is on a topic where it can easily get very wordy with a lot of scientific and physiological information and data. So often people want to write off their inability to accomplish something that someone else makes look effortless as, “they have an advantage because…” or a word that comes up all too often; genetics.


Now, this article will not dispute the claim of genetics playing a role in a person’s ability or inability to lose fat. Genetics do play a role in that biological and physiological process of losing fat either easily or quickly.


But by making that the focus of this article, the fear is that it will continue to give people an excuse to mark up their inabilities to lose weight as they were just destined to be fat because of a genetic disposition. Once again, genetics do play a role in a person’s BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is the rate in which a person burns calories when in a rest state. People who are in shape with more muscle mass and less body fat tend to have a higher BMR. The point that needs to be made is not that a person has a inherited higher BMR or not, but that a person CAN ACHIEVE a higher BMR.


So, why do people lose fat faster than others?


Here is a word that folks will overlook; WORK.


When it comes to working out and getting in shape, some people just have been dealt a crappy hand when it comes to the starting point. This might not be because they put themselves in a bad place to start, but simply because they have horrible genetics and their bodies want to naturally hold on to weight. This is fact. Just like it is fact that there are people who can eat cupcakes and pizza almost every day, keep their 6-pack washboard stomach, and not gain or barely gain any weight.

The most important thing you can accomplish is recognizing where you fit in and know your starting point and start working your butt off! If you fall in the category of not being able to lose fat easily, it is what it is, and you got some work ahead of you. But in no way shape or form should you make an excuse. Making excuses takes away from the effort. If you lose effort, you lose drive, and when you lose drive everything falls apart.


So, why do other people lose fat quicker than others? Yes, genetics.




Get to work!


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