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What to do When the Fat Loss Stops?

What to do When the Fat Loss Stops


Maybe the hardest thing to keep going in the fitness world is progress. Progress is the very essence of anyone’s motivation. When it comes to anyone fitness, one common goal is shared with anyone and everyone; lose fat.

Now there are many different theories and ideas of what one can do to keep fat loss going. But many struggle on what to do when fat the fat loss stops. This article will hit on a few things you can try if you find yourself at a standstill with losing that unwanted soft stuff.


Evaluate Your Macros


Your “macros” are your macronutrients that make up your total calorie intake. These are your protein, fat, and carbs. Now many would assume that maybe their carbs are too high if the body fat stops coming off, but it could very well be that protein or fats are not high enough. With the higher protein you will build more muscle which in return burns more fat and/or the higher fats (healthy fats) are utilized for an outside energy source and also help increase satiety (feeling full) so you will not eat as much. And of course your carbs could be too high which by lowering your body is restricted on a energy source, causing it to pull from body fat for energy, but make sure protein levels are high because the body also pulls from muscle and its sugar stores as well, so higher protein will help prevent catabolism (breakdown) of the muscles.


Lift Weights More


Many people in the warmer months are in a mad dash to get on the treadmill and change up their workout routine to 10 percent lifting, 90 percent cardio. This is not the smartest of moves. By upping your weight lifting time you build more muscle which will assist in getting that extra fat off your body in no time.


Do More Cardio


Now it is only fair to include this one as well. With the suggestion of lifting weights more, some people stay away from cardio all together. This is not a good move if you are looking at shedding some extra fat. Carve out a good 10 to 15 minutes of your “iron time” and jump on a piece of cardio equipment. Get that heart rate up to around 60-70% MHR (maximum heart rate) and keep it there.


Have a “Cheat Day”


Believe it or not, cheat days are a good thing for people and their nutrition/meal plans. They provide a “shock” or “reset” to the system. If you have been eating clean and on point for weeks and notice a stalling in your fat loss progress, take a break, eat something “bad” and go right back into your clean eating ways. It just be what your body is in need of to “wake up” and keep losing fat.


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